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Consecutive Magic

(Eingestellt am 1. März 2021, 10:00 Uhr von GremlinSA)

Normal Sudoku rules apply.

The grey lines join consecutive digits, not all lines have been drawn.

The two marked cages (top left and bottom right) are Magic squares that total 25 and 15 respectively.
Digits may not repeat in rows cols and summed diagonals.

Inequality signs need to be respected.

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Lösungscode: Row 1, Row 9

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am 2. März 2021, 19:57 Uhr von filuta
Thanks a lot, really enjoyable puzzle!

am 2. März 2021, 03:43 Uhr von panthchesh
Thanks for the puzzle! :)

am 1. März 2021, 12:36 Uhr von Nairi
Right, this is an oversight on my part. Didn't consider the big magic square at the end at all!

am 1. März 2021, 10:51 Uhr von skywalker
Hi Nairi, I think everything is ok. In magic squares digits cannot repeat on diagonals, also.

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