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Serbian Frame Sudoku

(Eingestellt am 22. Februar 2021, 19:50 Uhr von WiseCat)

Apply classic sudoku rules. The dues outside the rows indicate the sum of the digits to be placed in the 2nd and 3rd cells in the corresponding direction. The dues outside the columns indicate the sums of the digits to be placed in the 3rd and 4th cells in the corresponding direction.

Actually I designed two versions of different diffficulty levels in 2020. This is the harder one and the other one was contributed to a friend's puzzle club. I almost forgot them until WPF Sudoku GP Round 2 and posted this one so late because of my procrastination =。=

Lösungscode: Row 5+Column 4 (18 digits)

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am 26. Februar 2021, 04:59 Uhr von henrypijames
Reminds me of the music cassette containing a cover version of Lionel Richie's "Hello" that I used to listen to as a child. "I haven't got a clue" was not only misprinted as "I haven't got a due" in the lyrics booklet, but the singer (who was not a English native speaker) actually sang it the wrong way. Took me many years to discover the mistake - and even now when I sing the song I sometimes slip up.

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am 23. Februar 2021, 18:13 Uhr von glum_hippo
Typo in the instructions: "dues" instead of "clues"

am 23. Februar 2021, 12:58 Uhr von loscpi
Really nice puzzle!

am 23. Februar 2021, 06:06 Uhr von r45
Sehr schön!

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