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Normal sudoku rules apply. Furthermore, clues on top and to the left of the grid give the amount of even numbers in the first X cells from that position, where X is the first cell seen from that position. Clues below and to the right of the grid do the same, but with respect to odd digits. This is emphasized by the E and O in the corners.

Question marks denote an unknown value, and can be different per question mark (basically, they serve the aesthetic purpose of avoiding ugly gaps in the clues :) )

An example of a valid setup

f-puzzles link here.

Lösungscode: Row 5 followed by column 5

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am 20. Februar 2021, 16:18 Uhr von LKegel
Clarification of the corner marks

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am 20. Februar 2021, 13:36 Uhr von marcmees
very nice. looks more dangerous than it is.

am 20. Februar 2021, 06:49 Uhr von brandon_bot
Interesting ruleset.

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