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Magic Kropki

(Eingestellt am 19. Februar 2021, 00:00 Uhr von GremlinSA)

Normal Sudoku rules apply.

Kropki rules apply.
White dots show a difference of 1
Black dots show a ratio of 2

The red box in the bottom left is a special 5x5 magic square with a total that you will need to find.
All rows, columns and diagonals sum to the same total, but digits may not repeat.

If it helps all Kropki dots outside the magic square have been given.

As a bonus the main diagonals of the grid also cannot have repeating digits.

F-Puzzles link

Lösungscode: col 2, row 8

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am 1. April 2021, 19:41 Uhr von Rollo
Nice magic square, but I did not need it.

am 19. Februar 2021, 16:50 Uhr von Enkerro
Fun and relatively easy break in to the world of kropki sudokus for beginners. Fun solution path and nice finish with the 5x5 magic square. Thanks for the puzzle!

am 19. Februar 2021, 07:14 Uhr von GremlinSA
updated image & link

Zuletzt geändert am 19. Februar 2021, 01:54 Uhr

am 19. Februar 2021, 01:25 Uhr von SKORP17
@CJK hat recht!

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