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Puzzle Name: Beats
Puzzle Type: Differences, Quadruple, Palindrome, Sudoku
Puzzle Link: F-Puzzles
  1. Classic: Normal Sudoku rules apply.
  2. Differences: There are few small white dots shown in the grid on the shared borders between two cells. The digit in the white dot indicates the absolute difference of values of the two cells which share the border.
  3. Quadruple: There are few large white dots shown in the grid, on the corner shared by 4 cells. The digits appearing in this white dot must appear in those 4 cells.
  4. Palindrome: There are a few grey lines shown in the grid. Digits on this line form a palindrome i.e. the digits form a sequence that reads the same forwards and backwards.
I always wanted to do something fun and interesting with differences, I hope you guys find this enjoyable :-)

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