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10X Killer Thermos

(Eingestellt am 1. Februar 2021, 15:30 Uhr von GremlinSA)

Going back to some of my early settings:

Normal Sudoku rules apply.
Where given, the sum of all numbers in a cage must match the small number printed in its top left corner. Digits may not repeat in a cage.
The digits in the thermo must be strictly increasing in each cell from the bulb up the line.
Additionally the digits in a thermo must sum to a multiple of 10.

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Lösungscode: Row 7, Col 9

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am 27. Februar 2021, 18:08 Uhr von KingXander
Nice Puzzle, I Enjoyed it. Thanks!

am 3. Februar 2021, 21:38 Uhr von wentel21
very nice puzzle ;) i think its like 1 and half star, not only 1...Cheers!

am 3. Februar 2021, 15:31 Uhr von Marilyn_Jones
nice puzzle. I liked the 10x rule

am 1. Februar 2021, 19:08 Uhr von SKORP17
Das Rätsel hat mehr als 1 Stern verdient

am 1. Februar 2021, 17:39 Uhr von Grumpy
The last disambiguation was a little awkward compared to the rest, but all in all a great puzzle :)

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