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红葉puzzles(PP63): Shikaku003

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Authorized by the author 红葉(MOMIJI), he plans to publish his hand-made standard puzzles on this website, with 1 to 2 questions per week. If you like it and have good suggestions, you can leave a message.

Author: 红葉 (MOMIJI), from China, this question comes from his personal blog.

1. Divide the grid into rectangles with the numbers in the cells.
2. Each rectangle is to contain exactly one number and it's showing the number of cells in the rectangle.


Nikoli linkfor an example.

Click to enter PZV link

Click to enter Penpa+ link

Click to enter Janko web

Lösungscode: For every row from top to bottom enter the number of different rectangles. Only use the last digit for two-digits number.

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am 30. Januar 2021, 15:53 Uhr von cdwg2000


Everyone,I set the Penpa+ answer test to choose the blue line, so you should choose to use the "green" or "red" line when solving the problem.

I forgot to adjust.

am 30. Januar 2021, 15:17 Uhr von Dandelo
Penpa+ answer check doesn't work with blue edges (as automatically setted), but e.g. with green edges.

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