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Prime Fortress

(Eingestellt am 28. Januar 2021, 09:53 Uhr von abed hawila)

Rules :

Normal Sudoku rules apply.

Killer rules apply. In cages, digits sum to the small number in the top-left corner of the cage. Digits cannot repeat within a cage.

Fortress rules apply. A digit in a shaded cell must be greater than any digit in an orthogonally adjacent cell.

As usual, all your comments and feedback are appreciated.

f-puzzle link

Lösungscode: Row 5, Column 5 (18 digits, no spaces, e.g. 123456789987654321)

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am 12. Juni 2021, 17:49 Uhr von Vebby
Lovely puzzle! Enjoyed the many little logical steps building upon each other. Thanks Abed!

am 28. Januar 2021, 23:53 Uhr von Narayana
@SKORP17 Vielen Dank dafür! Ich stehe korrigiert.

@abed hawila That is amazing! I am so sorry that I did not appreciate the extra beauty of your puzzle until SKORP17 pointed it out. I makes me so happy to be wrong! Great puzzle and great title!

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