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Unique Values

(Eingestellt am 25. Januar 2021, 12:20 Uhr von Mesmer)


-Normal Sudoku rules apply

-Normal Killer Sudoku rules apply (numbers must not repeat inside the cages)

-The value of a cage is the sum of the digits it contains. The value of a cage must appear only ONCE on the board. Eg, if a cage value is determined to be 15, there is not another cage with the value 15.

-The > sign is pointing to the smaller number of the two cells.

-The cells on the diagonal the arrow is pointing sum to the double of the value of the cage marked with X. Digits can repeat on the diagonal.

f-puzzles link . The symbols are slightly different on the link, but I believe you will figure it out if you read the Rules.

I've been trying for a long time for this puzzle, so I hope you will have fun.

Lösungscode: [7th Row][9th Row] 18-digits, no gaps etc

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am 5. Mai 2021, 10:05 Uhr von Mody
Wunderschön konstruiert. Es hat Spaß gemacht, die Summen auszutüfteln.
Beautifully constructed. It was fun working out the sums.

am 25. Januar 2021, 13:40 Uhr von Mesmer
@EliasKar Thanks for the correction. I missed it when I was writing the rules.

am 25. Januar 2021, 13:38 Uhr von Mesmer
Rules' correction

am 25. Januar 2021, 13:31 Uhr von EliasKar
I don't think the inequality sign has to do with the cages, you might want to change "cages" to "cells" in that rule!

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