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Half full or half empty?

(Eingestellt am 13. Januar 2021, 21:26 Uhr von Terttu5)

I saw this puzzle type in the DASH 11 puzzles. Puzzle is number 3, called Kidney. My version of the puzzle includes only the first half of it, not the crossword part.

Shade cells in the grid below according to these rules:

  1. Each sector - a bold-outlined region - must contain exactly one stone.
  2. A stone is a mass of contiguous shaded cells (sharing edges).
  3. Stones from different sectors may not share sides, but can touch at corners.
  4. If a region contains a number, exactly that many cells must be shaded.
  5. Shade half the cells in each column.
  6. If dropped, stones will stack at the bottom of the grid, clearing the top half. Each stone remains intact, keeping its shape, but will not rotate. It must be able to nest perfectly on any stones below it, so that the stones completely fill the lower half of the grid.

Lösungscode: Number of shaded cells in rows, top to bottom.

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am 14. Januar 2021, 08:21 Uhr von Terttu5
@Dandelo Thank you for the info about puzzle type. I tried to Google it, but didn’t find the name.

am 14. Januar 2021, 00:23 Uhr von Dandelo
This puzzle type is usually called Stostone. Some facts you find at https://www.janko.at/Raetsel/Stostone/index.htm

am 14. Januar 2021, 00:21 Uhr von Dandelo
Yes, after writing the comment, I immediately saw it and removed the question.

am 14. Januar 2021, 00:19 Uhr von SudokuExplorer
@Dandelo: You need 5 shaded cells in columns 1 and 2

am 14. Januar 2021, 00:14 Uhr von SudokuExplorer
@Terttu5: Thanks for the lovely puzzle! :-)

@Panthchesh: Cheers!

am 14. Januar 2021, 00:05 Uhr von panthchesh
Thanks for the puzzle! Very interesting! :)

am 14. Januar 2021, 00:04 Uhr von panthchesh
@SudokuExplorer - There is a 2x1 block in the top right that you have no stone in.

am 13. Januar 2021, 23:45 Uhr von SudokuExplorer
Here's a Penpa+ solving link: https://git.io/Jtf1M

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