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Foldover Kropki

(Eingestellt am 12. Januar 2021, 11:49 Uhr von GremlinSA)

Normal Sudoku rules apply. Black dots show all adjacent pairs of cells where the value in one cell is double the other, while white dots show all pairs where one value is consecutive to the other. All possible black and white dots are given.

if the puzzle is folded along the diagonal given, the overlapped cells sum to 10, EXCEPT for any of the digits that appear on the diagonal which will simply transpose. On the thermo all cells have to increase from the bulb.

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'5' conforms to both rules, it will transpose and sum to 10 when folded over
All box's will have 3 cells that transpose, the rest sum to 10 when overlapped
The diagonal will will have 3 sets of the same 3 digits

Lösungscode: row 8,col 9

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am 16. Januar 2021, 20:53 Uhr von Kevin
maybe a better description of the folded rule would be that when folded, the overlapping digits either sum to 10 or are the same digit.
and then for the digits along the diagonal they could just be exceptions to the rule.
i basically did half the puzzle without the rule and then figured out what the rule meant. might just be me though.

am 16. Januar 2021, 00:07 Uhr von mattjhussey
Not too difficult but the way the rules are written took a while for me to understand. The rules need to be clearer.

am 13. Januar 2021, 23:09 Uhr von sethly
@GremlinSA: I would second the need to add that rule ("All box's will have 3 cells that transpose, the rest sum to 10 when overlapped") to the rules section instead of hints. If it weren't for the comments discussion I may never have picked up on it.

Zuletzt geändert am 13. Januar 2021, 14:11 Uhr

am 13. Januar 2021, 14:09 Uhr von saskia-daniela
@MCabral93: There's a hidden rule in the hints: "All box's will have 3 cells that transpose, the rest sum to 10 when overlapped". So 3 of the numbers in EVERY Box (not only on the main diagonal) transpose and do not sum to ten. Except it's a 5, that can do both...

@GremlinSA: maybe you should point that out in the rule set for it's an additional rule and not just a hint?

am 12. Januar 2021, 23:29 Uhr von MCabral93
The puzzle breaks in r4c1 and r1c4 I can't find a number to fit both rules of white dot and transpose to sum10

am 12. Januar 2021, 18:14 Uhr von SKORP17
nach 553 hab ich das jetzt sofort verstanden

Zuletzt geändert am 12. Januar 2021, 13:35 Uhr

am 12. Januar 2021, 13:34 Uhr von GremlinSA
Updated image and link
@bigger: thank you, it was a transpose error loading it into F-Puzzles

am 12. Januar 2021, 13:25 Uhr von GremlinSA
@geronimo92 : Will do, apologies if it upset anyone.

am 12. Januar 2021, 12:13 Uhr von geronimo92
@author : please wait a few days between your publications, two puzzles in two days is really too much !! If any (NEW) author does the same thing, that will be impossible to have the time to solve anything. Thanks for your comprehension !

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