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Killer Numberlink Puzzle

(Eingestellt am 12. Januar 2021, 01:38 Uhr von 33554432)

This puzzle is crossover between Numberlink and Killer.


- Standard Numberlink rules.

- Every cell on a link is the same digit.

- There are a total of 6 links.

- Uses the digits 1-6 and there is exactly one link for each digit.

- Every cell is part of a link.

- A link cannot be a single cell.

- Killer cage rules also apply: digits cannot be repeated in a cage and the sum of the digits in the cage is shown in the top left.

- Some cages do not show a total in the top left however the no digit being able to repeat rule still hold in these cages.

Example using only 4 links:

Solution code: 11324422

The puzzle:

Penpa link

Lösungscode: The digits read from left to right on row3 then row6, without any spaces.

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am 26. Juli 2022, 10:11 Uhr von Bearpig
I looked at this puzzle so many times, but my sudoku brain just kept doing it wrong. Today I solved it within 3 minutes. Nice one!

am 4. März 2021, 11:19 Uhr von CHalb
Great variant and a fine puzzle! I'd really like to see more of this.

Zuletzt geändert am 4. Februar 2021, 22:54 Uhr

am 4. Februar 2021, 22:53 Uhr von Tajgero
I really like this one!

am 13. Januar 2021, 00:30 Uhr von 33554432
Changed the size of the example puzzle images. No change to the puzzle itself.

am 12. Januar 2021, 17:12 Uhr von SudokuExplorer
Thanks for fun little treat :-)

Zuletzt geändert am 12. Januar 2021, 07:55 Uhr

am 12. Januar 2021, 07:55 Uhr von Statistica
Very nice. You have to think completely "out of the box"

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