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Patchwork Puzzle

(Eingestellt am 3. Januar 2021, 23:13 Uhr von cam)

The good news is that I cut all of my sudoku puzzles into jigsaw puzzles. The bad news is that I accidentally got them all mixed up. Here are nine pieces from nine different puzzles. Can you put them together to form a new puzzle that has a solution?


-Ordinary Sudoku rules apply

-Thermometer rules apply--digits must increase starting from the bulb end of the thermometer

-Little Killer rules apply--digits along the indicated diagonal must sum to the given value and may repeat

-Killer Sudoku rules apply--digits in the cages must sum to the value indicated and may NOT repeat (The digit in the cage is a 13)

-XV Sudoku rules apply--Pairs of cells marked with an X must sum to 10. Pairs of cells marked with a V must sum to 5

Arrow sudoku rules apply--The digits along the arrow sum to the number in the indicated circle.

-Kropki Sudoku rules apply--Cells separated by a black dot must have a quotient of 2. Cells separated by an empty dot must have a difference of 1.

-Sandwich Sudoku rules apply--Numbers outside the grid indicate the sum of the digits between the 1 and the 9 in the indicated row or column. (In this case, the zero is very circular ;)

-Inequality rules apply--The inequality symbol shows which digit is greater.

Additional notes: Note that there are two given digits. One of them is a 1. Additionally, pieces can be rotated, but cannot be flipped upside-down.

Here is the puzzle! Enjoy!

Lösungscode: Row 4 followed by column 7

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am 7. Januar 2021, 17:35 Uhr von SirWoezel
Wow, lovely puzzle. But I can't agree with ony two stars!

Zuletzt geändert am 7. Januar 2021, 16:39 Uhr

am 7. Januar 2021, 16:29 Uhr von SudokuExplorer
This creative puzzle deserves more solves. Its roughly 2.5 star difficulty and has a very enjoyable solution path. It might be worth saying that not all kropki dots and not all Xs and Vs may be given (no negative constraint).

am 4. Januar 2021, 23:42 Uhr von Bobby
Very creative and fun idea! Loved the logic of patching them back together!

am 4. Januar 2021, 19:05 Uhr von cam
Special thanks to @SudokuExplorer for pointing out an issue with this puzzle. I really appreciate it ;)

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