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XV Kropki twist

(Eingestellt am 15. Dezember 2020, 08:23 Uhr von justnow)

Normal sudoku rules apply:

- every row, column and 3x3 box must contain digits 1-9 exactly once


XV rules:

- All orthogonaly adjacent cells separated by V sum to 5, all V clues are given (negative constraint apply)

-All horizontally adjacent cells separated by X sum to 10 (negative X constraint apply only horizontally)

Kropki rules:

-All vertically adjacent cells separated by black dot have a ratio 1:2 (negative black dot constraint apply only vertically)

- cells separated by white dot have difference of 1 (consecutive), only white dots laying on thick line between boxes are given


Lösungscode: Row 4 (left to right) and column 4 (top to bottom), 18 digits, no spaces

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am 17. Dezember 2020, 02:58 Uhr von panthchesh
Thanks for the puzzle! :)

am 17. Dezember 2020, 01:22 Uhr von Ragna
Nice one :-)

am 15. Dezember 2020, 15:32 Uhr von fuxia
Finally a XV that even I can solve. :) Very nice, thank you!

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