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Paint By Numbers Sudoku

(Eingestellt am 6. Dezember 2020, 13:06 Uhr von hellan)

The rules are:

Normal sudoku rules apply

There is an ANTI-KNIGHT move constraint

There are 5 cages that cannot contain same digits within

Additionally, along 4 thermometers digits must increase starting with the bulb

I hope you like the puzzle.


Puzzle is available on Penpa-Edit

Lösungscode: 1st row and 1st column

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am 8. Dezember 2020, 04:04 Uhr von TimE
Awesome logic! It was a bit tricky at the beginning but then it all tied up together in the end. Thanks hellan :-D

am 8. Dezember 2020, 00:02 Uhr von hellan
@ArchonE amazing, thanks :) and thank you for your comments

am 7. Dezember 2020, 23:24 Uhr von ArchonE
Thank you for the great puzzle! I recreated it in penpa+ because I wanted to have more colors while solving (though I did use letters instead of numbers at first, it was just easier to have the added options). Here's the link: https://git.io/JIBlr

am 7. Dezember 2020, 21:31 Uhr von hellan
thank you, Storm

am 7. Dezember 2020, 21:23 Uhr von Storm
Great puzzle, hellan!

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