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Greener Grasses - An Introduction

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Rules of Greener Grasses:
  • Divide the white cells into regions of the indicated size (top-right of the grid.)
  • Whenever two regions share a side, each region has something the other does not: a symbol that the other region has less of. (For example, a region containing AA and AB may share a side: the AA region has more A's than the other, and the AB region has more B's than the other. But AB and B may not share a side; the B region doesn't have anything the AB region doesn't have.)

Greener Grasses is apparently a new genre of grid puzzle. Pitched by Joseph Howard (JoeHow) and executed by a friend of mine, Ivan Koswara (chaotic_iak). This was first appeared in 24-Hour Puzzle Championship 2018 and lately revived in Ivan's 25 Years in Logic Masters India last month (November 2020). I personally recommend you to check it out to see how neat this genre can be! :)

The standard Greener Grasses rules apply.

Lösungscode: Rows 2 and 4 (left-right). Enter the lengths of contiguous cells (i.e. not separated by some borders).

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am 6. Dezember 2020, 13:05 Uhr von jessica6
In other words, if two regions share a border, both regions must have a majority of at least one symbol compared to the other.

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