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You are given a hexagonal grid, divided by borders into regions.

  • Place 2 stars in each region and line (along each of the three axes), such that no stars are adjacent to one another.
  • In each region, shade in 4 cells to make a S, L, I, C, or Y shape (i.e. tetrahex), as seen above the grid. Shaded cells must not contain stars.
  • When two tetrahexes touch, they may not be the same shape (e.g. S may touch L, but not another S).
  • All shaded cells connect into a single continuous network.
  • No three shaded cells may be grouped together, such that they share a corner/vertex.

Penpa+ link with solution check (using Surface for SLICY and Composite/Object/StarBattle)

Example (with 1 star per region/axis):


For each cell along lines A and B: if the cell is part of a tetrahex, put the shape of that tetrahex. If the cell has a star, put *.

In the above example, the solution code is L*YLLCYS*I.

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am 2. Dezember 2020, 15:45 Uhr von jessica6
nice hex variant of LITS and even as a combo with Starbattle

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