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Food Killer

(Eingestellt am 27. November 2020, 10:00 Uhr von Mark Sweep)

Standard sudoku rules apply. Clues with an arrow indicate the sum of the digits along the diagonal, including the (imaginary) sandwich sum at the other end of the diagonal, as can be seen in the example. Digits may repeat along this diagonal. A sandwich sum is the sum of the digits sandwiched between the 1 and 9 in the corresponding row or column.

For clarification: both sides of a row or column contain the imaginary sandwich clue, so every little killer clue includes a sandwich sum.

Solve on Penpa or f-puzzles.

Lösungscode: Reihe 3, Spalte 3

Zuletzt geändert am 29. November 2020, 12:46 Uhr

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Zuletzt geändert am 30. November 2020, 16:04 Uhr

am 30. November 2020, 11:06 Uhr von Luigi
Very nice puzzle indeed!
Is there a reason for the name "Food Killer"?
For me it was a kind of "Coffee Killer"; at least 20 cups of coffee… ;-))

--- Thanks! Food just relates to sandwiches. Not too proud of this name though ;)

Zuletzt geändert am 30. November 2020, 15:11 Uhr

am 29. November 2020, 20:05 Uhr von PetLov
Finally I get to say thank you for a very nice puzzle.
I was so convinced that I had made a mistake because the puzzle already had a few solves the first time I failed :-)

--- Thanks! I'm so sorry for the inconvenience I caused.

*** No worries! You can compensate by solving my latest puzzle which currently have no solves so you can be first :-)

am 29. November 2020, 16:17 Uhr von PrimeWeasel
Aha. That's why I ended up without a solution

Zuletzt geändert am 29. November 2020, 15:33 Uhr

am 29. November 2020, 15:32 Uhr von PetLov
Haha. I tried the puzzle three times and it broke every time because of that 57 clue. Will give it another go tonight :-)

Zuletzt geändert am 30. November 2020, 11:37 Uhr

am 29. November 2020, 12:52 Uhr von cdwg2000
Although there is a lot of confusion, it is a beautiful puzzle and I like it very much.

--- Thank you very much! And thanks again for pointing out the mistake I made.

am 29. November 2020, 12:42 Uhr von Mark Sweep
Changed the picture and links such that the 57 diagonal (left of R3C1) is changed to 53. That is indeed the correct solution. I have no clue how this passed my attention. Thanks to cdwg for pointing it out and I'm so sorry to anyone to whom it caused any inconvenience.

Zuletzt geändert am 28. November 2020, 12:17 Uhr

am 27. November 2020, 21:50 Uhr von Beard Master
Had a lot of fun with this one, thank you! Note for the others, the clock won't stop and turn green even when you solve the puzzle because of conflicts.

--- Thanks! That is indeed true, but I know many people prefer f-puzzles, hence a link to it as well.

am 27. November 2020, 20:38 Uhr von Mark Sweep
Updated f-puzzles link to not highlight conflicts.

am 27. November 2020, 20:00 Uhr von SirWoezel
In f-puzzles you can simply change the setting to not show ‘conflicts’. You can even save those settings in your browser.

Zuletzt geändert am 27. November 2020, 20:39 Uhr

am 27. November 2020, 18:52 Uhr von Wecoc
F-Puzzles marks almost every digit in red while solving, since it reads the clues as normal Little killer arrows. Use Penpa instead.

--- I have changed the f-puzzles link so it doesn't highlight conflicts anymore. I do recommend solving on Penpa though to keep track of the sandwich sums more easily.

am 27. November 2020, 14:19 Uhr von Mark Sweep
Added to the rules that digits can repeat along a diagonal.

Zuletzt geändert am 27. November 2020, 15:59 Uhr

am 27. November 2020, 14:10 Uhr von PrimeWeasel
Can digits be repeated on a diagonal? In your example they don't... Never mind, I think the 79 answers the question.
I messed-up somewhere dammit. Ended up with a double 4 and 5 in a column and one sandwich being wrong by 1. I think I changed around the difference of the sandwich somewhere with the actual sandwich, but I have to go now. Cool puzzle so far!

--- Thanks for your comment. I have added it to the rules now to make it immediately clear.

Zuletzt geändert am 27. November 2020, 14:21 Uhr

am 27. November 2020, 11:57 Uhr von SirWoezel
Wow... This scared me at first but the logic is actually amazingly... 'approachable', to quote you know who. Very nice puzzle!

--- Thanks a lot! I think I could have made it harder, but I have learnt that it immediately becomes very scary indeed for a new variant. Maybe I will make a harder version later though!

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