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Type good Sudoku

(Eingestellt am 22. November 2020, 04:52 Uhr von bigger)

Standard sudoku rules applies. Fill the grid with numbers from 1 to 9 so each digit occurs exactly once in every row, column and 3x3 box.

Four digits surrounded the circle mean there are 2 odd numbers and 2 even numbers.The number in the circle show the biggest and smallest number around the circle.

All possible circle are given. In other words, places without a circle don't have the same amount of odd numbers and even numbers.

f-puzzle link

This puzzle is made by Old Miles from China in 2017.It's type good for the same amount. No parity have more.

Lösungscode: column 1 and 2(18 digits)

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am 22. November 2020, 20:17 Uhr von geronimo92
@bigger please is it possible to wait a few days between your publication? Too many in the same week please respect the flood and let eveyone more time to solve thanks a lot for your comprehension

am 22. November 2020, 17:07 Uhr von panthchesh
Thanks for the puzzle!

Zuletzt geändert am 22. November 2020, 10:10 Uhr

am 22. November 2020, 10:10 Uhr von cdwg2000
New type,Very easy,Pay attention to negative restrictions.

am 22. November 2020, 06:41 Uhr von bigger
add f-puzzle link

am 22. November 2020, 06:40 Uhr von bigger
change solution code

am 22. November 2020, 06:14 Uhr von Big Tiger
I'm not understanding the solution code. Columns 1 and 2 total 18 digits, but you specify 12...

am 22. November 2020, 05:41 Uhr von MavericksJD
Here is a F-puzzle Link: https://f-puzzles.com/?id=y6g7ear8

am 22. November 2020, 04:56 Uhr von bigger
change difficulty

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