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  • Fill each hexagonal cell with a digit 1-7, such that no digits repeat on any of the 3 axes or in the 7-cell regions.
  • Thermometers: Digits must increase along a thermometer, starting at the bulb end.
  • Arrows: Digits along an arrow must sum to the digit in that arrow's circle.

Note: There are 15 lines of length 7 within the puzzle, 5 on each axis. For your convenience, these are marked with dashed lines on the ends. On lines with fewer than 7 cells, digits still may not repeat.

Penpa Link with solution check: Click Here

Lösungscode: Line A top to bottom, and Line B, top-left to bottom-right

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am 27. März 2021, 15:36 Uhr von Ryx
Nice puzzle. I think the first non-square grid type sudoku I have tried.

am 9. März 2021, 22:22 Uhr von Tar-Roccorendil
Very approachable, and quite fun. The way the clues interact to give the answer is very satisfying.

am 4. November 2020, 05:03 Uhr von panthchesh
Thank you for the puzzle! It was fun! :)

am 4. November 2020, 02:09 Uhr von cam
I loved that solve path. Very well constructed :)

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