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Five Tiny Treats

(Eingestellt am 1. November 2020, 19:56 Uhr von clover)

Five bite-sized puzzles for you to enjoy. :)

Normal 2x2 sudoku rules apply to all five puzzles.

1. Arrows

Digits along an arrow sum to the digit in the corresponding circle.


2. Thermo/Palindrome

Digits along a thermometer strictly increase, starting at the bulb end.

Digits along the bold grey line form a palindrome.


3. Killer

Digits within a cage sum to the value in the top left corner of the cage. Digits may not repeat within a cage.


4. Little Killer

Numbers outside of the grid give the sum of the digits along the indicated diagonal. Digits may repeat along these diagonals.


5. Sandwich

Numbers outside of the grid indicate the sum of the digits sandwiched between the 1 and the 4 in that column.


Lösungscode: The first row of each puzzle, in order

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am 5. November 2020, 22:42 Uhr von cam
Lovely! More tiny puzzles please :)

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