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A Chaotik-Evil Encrypted Doppelblock

(Eingestellt am 9. November 2020, 07:00 Uhr von athin)

Rules of Doppelblock:
  • Shade exactly 2 cells on each row and column.
  • Fill remaining white cells with digits from 1 to N-2 where N is the size of the grid.
  • Each digit appears exactly once on each row and column.
  • Numbers outside the grid shows the sum of the digits between two shaded cells in corresponding row or column.

The standard Doppelblock rules apply. In addition, numbers outside the grid are encrypted into a set of letters. The set of the numbers corresponding to the letters is given.

Side Note: Happy Birthday Ivan a.k.a chaotic_iak! Here is my simple gift for you. I really want to make it small, but deadly enough...

Another Side Note: Yes, this is uniquely solvable despite having no logical path HAHAHA *evil laugh*. Thus, here is an additional important clue for other puzzlers (except Ivan): [{I,A,K} = {0,0,0}]. The clue above will make the puzzle solvable with a logical path, of course Ivan doesn't need this.

Lösungscode: The numbers for "CHAOTIK", Row 1, and Column 1. Use X for shaded cells.

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