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Antiknight Products

(Eingestellt am 17. Oktober 2020, 15:42 Uhr von RockyRoer)

  • Normal sudoku rules apply.
  • Anti-knight Restriction: Cells a knights move away from each other cannot contain the same digit.
  • Products: Small numbers in a cell indicate the product of all cells a knight's move away from that cell.
The puzzle:

Penpa link for solving


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Lösungscode: 6th row followed by the 6th column [1*2*3*3 digits total]

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am 18. Oktober 2020, 00:19 Uhr von peterkp
Doh, as Homer Simpson says. I rechecked my code and discovered I typed the wrong row. My apologies, and thanks again for the lovely puzzle idea.

Zuletzt geändert am 17. Oktober 2020, 23:27 Uhr

am 17. Oktober 2020, 23:06 Uhr von peterkp
Hi, can someone please clarify the solution code, which is very confusing. I've solved the puzzle and tried a couple of code entries, but they both failed. (Very nice puzzle by the way.)

Reply: solution code is just 6th row from left to right followed by 6th column from top to bottom, 18 digits in all, no spaces or commas. No multiplication symbols either. That was just me trying to be funny because i thought so much of the puzzle involved multiplication (18 digits in all.. 1*2*3*3 = 18... probably over complicating things...) Feel free to hidden comment the solution code if you want me to check it for you.

Zuletzt geändert am 17. Oktober 2020, 18:27 Uhr

am 17. Oktober 2020, 18:17 Uhr von SKORP17
das ist ein schönes
Rätsel, danke für euer Verständnis. Ich habe meine Kommentare besser versteckt, das könnte sonst wohl Hinweise ergeben

am 17. Oktober 2020, 17:32 Uhr von Willy Wonka
No trouble! I'm glad you understand it now :)

Zuletzt geändert am 17. Oktober 2020, 17:25 Uhr

am 17. Oktober 2020, 17:24 Uhr von SKORP17
ok danke, ich habe da falsch gedacht, sorry.

Zuletzt geändert am 17. Oktober 2020, 16:53 Uhr

am 17. Oktober 2020, 16:47 Uhr von RockyRoer
Fixed penpa link after typo was found with 1215 clue: https://git.io/JTnMw

am 17. Oktober 2020, 16:43 Uhr von PrimeWeasel

1215 has 6 knight's moves, not 3...

Zuletzt geändert am 17. Oktober 2020, 16:39 Uhr

am 17. Oktober 2020, 16:07 Uhr von PrimeWeasel
@Skorp the digit itself in that box isn't 7, it's just a clue

Is it 1215 or 405? In Penpa it's 405...

REPLY: SORRY! Should be 1215... I thought I had fixed that link...

am 17. Oktober 2020, 15:57 Uhr von RockyRoer
Added inspiration links.

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