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Clover's Birthday Sudoku

(Eingestellt am 4. Oktober 2020, 17:55 Uhr von clover)

It's my birthday! But of course it's rude to ask a lady her age...

Normal Sudoku rules apply. So do a lot of other rules:

STAR BATTLE: 3s and 2s cannot touch anywhere in the grid, even diagonally. (For instance, two 2s or two 3s can't touch diagonally, and a 2 and a 3 can't be adjacent or diagonally adjacent.)

SANDWICH: The sandwich clue (in column 8) gives the sum of the digits sandwiched between the 1 and the 9 in that column.

KILLER CAGE: The number in the top left corner of a cage gives the sum of the digits in that cage. Digits cannot repeat within a cage.

LITTLE KILLER: The clues pointing to a diagonal indicate the sum of digits along that diagonal. Digits along a diagonal may repeat, as long as they follow normal sudoku rules.

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Lösungscode: row 2

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am 7. Oktober 2020, 06:26 Uhr von cam
Excellent excellent excellent! Happy Birthday! I love star battle and I love the way you incorporated it with sudoku. A while ago I played a puzzle where star battle was incorporated in a different way and I wasn't a fan, so I have been avoiding yours :/ Now I need to play your others!

am 6. Oktober 2020, 13:26 Uhr von DarkChord
Happy birthday! And thanks for the quick, fun puzzle :)

am 5. Oktober 2020, 17:02 Uhr von SudokuExplorer
Happy Birthday! And thanks for the lovely puzzle :-)

am 5. Oktober 2020, 09:18 Uhr von clover
thank you so much to everyone for the birthday wishes and for trying the puzzle! :)

am 5. Oktober 2020, 00:03 Uhr von Qodec
Happy birthday!

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am 4. Oktober 2020, 23:06 Uhr von Narayana
Happy 23rd Birthday!

[clover] as long as you didn't assume I was born in 1932!

am 4. Oktober 2020, 22:16 Uhr von Ours brun
Nothing too hard, but a nice puzzle. Happy birthday to you as well as to 红葉!

am 4. Oktober 2020, 22:05 Uhr von udukos
Happy bday!!

am 4. Oktober 2020, 21:09 Uhr von Greg
Happy Birthday!

am 4. Oktober 2020, 18:09 Uhr von cdwg2000
It is very coincidental: My friend 红葉 is also today's birthday! I have not yet begun to solve this seemingly troublesome big problem. But I think I wish you a happy birthday :)

Zuletzt geändert am 4. Oktober 2020, 18:06 Uhr

am 4. Oktober 2020, 18:03 Uhr von Joseph nehme
I haven't started the puzzle yet. But i thought i would wish you a Happy Birthday :)

[clover] thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the puzzle! :)

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