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Six-pack Linked Sudokus #2

(Eingestellt am 4. Oktober 2020, 16:49 Uhr von Genomico)

Another linked sudokus puzzle as sequel to part 1 :) So one large puzzle, consisting of six different variants of 6x6 sudokus, which are all linked together by circles.

A digit in a circle must occur in the same position in the two adjacent rows or columns. For example, if row 1 - column 1 in the Killer sudoku contains a 1, then r1c1 in the XV sudoku must contain a 1 as well. None of the other digits may occur in the same position. A hyphen (-) in a circle means none of the digits in the two adjacent rows/columns occur in the same position.

Normal 6x6 sudoku rules apply to all sudokus, so every row column and region must contain the digits 1 to 6. The different variants in the puzzle:
  • Killer Sudoku: rules.
  • XV Sudoku: rules. All possible X's and V's are given.
  • Greater than Sudoku: rules.
  • Arrow Sudoku: rules.
  • Palindrome Sudoku: rules.
  • Thermo Sudoku: rules.
The puzzle is also available on Penpa.

From all the linked-puzzles I made so far, this was the most difficult one to construct and took the most time. But I really enjoyed creating it and I'm happy with the result, so I hope you enjoy solving it :) It might take some pencil marking at the start, but once you got some digits in (and solved the V-cells in the XV) it becomes easier. But be careful not to break the puzzle ;)

Lösungscode: The 6th row of all puzzles, in the right order: Killer-XV-Greater than-Arrow-Palindrome-Thermo (36 digits in total).

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am 8. Oktober 2020, 20:41 Uhr von Ours brun
Superb puzzle, and indeed not that hard once you get a start.

am 6. Oktober 2020, 22:41 Uhr von ArchonE
Thanks, and thank you for making it! No apology needed--if it wasn't a fun and interesting challenge, I'd have moved on long before solving :)

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am 6. Oktober 2020, 22:20 Uhr von ArchonE
This is possibly the most unforgiving puzzle I've ever done, but so satisfying to finally get through!

Reply: Well done! :D (and sorry for the hard time ;) )

am 5. Oktober 2020, 11:39 Uhr von marcmees
thanks again for this great combi -

am 4. Oktober 2020, 21:30 Uhr von primovera
Magnificent puzzle!

The negative constraint works very well in this one.

am 4. Oktober 2020, 18:40 Uhr von Greg

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