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Two-Doku Xtreme

(Eingestellt am 3. Oktober 2020, 03:53 Uhr von Stavros96)

Two-Doku Xtreme

This is a more difficult follow-up to my Two-Doku puzzle, found HERE


Help! Someone has forced two sudoku puzzles into the one grid. I need you to place the digits 1-5 into each row, column and region TWICE!

  • The cells must be filled with the numbers 1-5 such that a number occurs in a cell of a particular colour (Red/Blue) once in every row, column and region
  • Furthermore, identical digits cannot be orthogonally adjacent
  • The colour of each white cell must be determined

F-Puzzles Link: Click Here

Colourblind-friendly Link: Click Here (updated rules within)

Penpa Link: Click Here

Lösungscode: Row 5 and Column 9

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am 23. November 2020, 14:18 Uhr von Wessel Strijkstra
Awesome puzzle!

am 5. Oktober 2020, 23:49 Uhr von Stavros96
colourblind-friendly version added

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