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Pentominous + Killer Sudoku

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Place all twelve pentominoes in the small 8x8 grid. Pentominoes can be rotated and/or reflected but they must not overlap. Each cell with a given letter must belong to the pentomino coded by the letter.

Transfer the pentominoes into the big 8x8 grid to make them cages in a Killer Sudoku.
Regular Sudoku rules apply.
In each cage, all digits are different and their sum is the number indicated in the table.

Note that the Pentominous part may have multiple solutions on its own but the combined puzzle is expected to have a unique solution.

Penpa+ link to solve online

Lösungscode: 7th column of the Pentominous grid followed by 7th column of the Sudoku grid --- each cell belonging to a pentomino is coded by the letter representing the pentomino; each cell belonging to no pentomino is coded by E. So the code should contain 16 characters: 8 letters followed by 8 digits.

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More puzzles like this would be welcome!

@glum_hippo Glad it pleased you!

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