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Semi-miraculous Sudoku

(Eingestellt am 26. September 2020, 13:00 Uhr von clover)

- Normal sudoku rules apply.

- The digits along each thermometer strictly increase, starting at the bulb end.

- ALL pairs of orthogonally adjacent consecutive digits are marked with white circles.


Lösungscode: row 5

Zuletzt geändert am 26. September 2020, 13:01 Uhr

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am 30. November 2020, 22:08 Uhr von Wecoc
I'm very late at this one but it was great!

am 11. November 2020, 03:02 Uhr von Dina
Great puzzle! Very nicely designed and so fun to solve :-)

am 13. Oktober 2020, 15:58 Uhr von antiknight
Amazing puzzle !

am 29. September 2020, 00:11 Uhr von zhergan
Very cleverly designed! Thanks..

am 26. September 2020, 17:13 Uhr von panthchesh
Thanks for the puzzle! It was fun! :)

am 26. September 2020, 15:16 Uhr von dm_litv
Super construction!

am 26. September 2020, 13:02 Uhr von clover
This puzzle is relatively straightforward until you reach the middle part of the solve, which is quite challenging. Please feel free to leave a hidden comment if you'd like a hint.

am 26. September 2020, 13:01 Uhr von clover
slight wording change

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