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Fillomino Meets Even/Odd Country Road

(Eingestellt am 23. September 2020, 21:33 Uhr von colincojo)

Rules: Normal Fillomino Rules Apply (Fill the grid with numbers and divide the grid into polyominoes of size n that contain the number n such that same sized polyominoes cannot touch each other orthogonally).

In addition, normal country road rules apply (draw a single closed loop that passes through each polyomino exactly once). If two orthogonally adjacent cells are not visited by the loop then they must be in the same room.

Finally, The loop cannot go into a polyomino of the same parity (i.e. it must go from even to odd to even etc.)

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Lösungscode: The 10 numbers in row 6 followed by one number indicating the number of cells containing a loop in row 6 (for a total of 11 digits)

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am 5. Oktober 2020, 08:39 Uhr von Lucx
I liked this one! Could be a little bit more challenging, though. Thank you for posting it!

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