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Sandwich Battle 2

(Eingestellt am 22. September 2020, 19:22 Uhr von Strosahl)

Like my last sandwich battle (0004DU), the 'bread' of the sandwich has been replaced with a star battle. This one is 11x11 though, so all the digits 1-9 could be in the sandwich.

Normal sudoku rules apply
Place the digits 1-9 and 2 stars in each row, column, and irregular region, such that no 2 stars touch each other orthogonally or diagonally.
Numbers outside the grid indicate the sum of the digits between the 2 stars in that row or column.


Lösungscode: Columns 3 and 8 (no spaces), using an 'S' for the stars

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am 8. Oktober 2020, 19:40 Uhr von StefanSch
Wer die Herausforderung liebt, wird hier dran seine Freude haben.

am 29. September 2020, 14:25 Uhr von StefanSch
Wer die Herausforderung liebt, wird hier dran seine Freude haben.

am 25. September 2020, 21:20 Uhr von harrison
Thanks Strosahl.

The StarBattle was approachable and fun. The irregular sudoku was very challenging!

am 24. September 2020, 08:56 Uhr von MagnusJosefsson
Very nice puzzle! The sandwich star battle part was superb, while the following irregular sudoku was very difficult (for me).

am 22. September 2020, 23:35 Uhr von Strosahl
@geronimo92 Sorry, I guess since the two puzzles sort of went together, I figured putting them on here together made sense. I'll try to space them out more in the future.

am 22. September 2020, 22:09 Uhr von SudokuExplorer
@geronimo92 The title and number of solves of the puzzle with id=0004AJ, sums up the current high supply of sudokus.

am 22. September 2020, 21:15 Uhr von geronimo92
2 puzzles in 7 minutes.... hmm hmm

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