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Unique Aquarium Sudoku

(Eingestellt am 22. September 2020, 15:17 Uhr von Sam Knott)

- Standard Irregular sudoku rules apply (1-9 in each row, column, and marked region)

- Aquarium rules apply: each region must be split/coloured into 'air' (green) and 'water' (blue) cells. (A region can be entirely one type.) All water cells must be below all air cells, and cells in the same row and region must be coloured the same. Additionally, in each region, the digits in water cells must all be larger than those in air cells.

- Each region has a different number of water cells, and all regions have at least one water cell

- Thermometer rules apply: numbers must increase along each thermometer

Edit: you can play it here (f-puzzles): F-puzzles link

Lösungscode: Input Row 1, left to right, then row 6, left to right, with no spaces.

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am 24. März 2022, 09:48 Uhr von AquaRegis
Made an account just to comment on how great this puzzle is! One of the harder ones I've been able to complete and it really rewarded my perseverance.

am 2. Februar 2022, 03:43 Uhr von Vebby
Beautifully flowing puzzle, absolutely loved it! Thanks Sam! :)

am 14. September 2021, 09:33 Uhr von dissonance
What a lovely puzzle!
Beautiful design, thanks for sharing.

am 9. März 2021, 13:44 Uhr von Krokant
Had so much fun solving this. Beautiful puzzle.

Zuletzt geändert am 1. Januar 2021, 13:51 Uhr

am 18. November 2020, 11:43 Uhr von Phistomefel
This puzzle has some really beautiful logic in it. Thanks a lot for constructing it, Sam! :)

Edit: After revisiting this puzzle, I found a few steps that I missed before and I just have to say this is an outright fantastic puzzle. Thanks!

am 18. November 2020, 09:25 Uhr von SebastianSimon
Amazing construction, just wow! Love the “meta”-sudoku you play with the “different water levels” constraint.

am 25. September 2020, 22:35 Uhr von baku
Awesome puzzle! Thanks for sharing

am 23. September 2020, 10:26 Uhr von PrimeWeasel
Loved it! Thanks!

am 23. September 2020, 08:33 Uhr von harrison
Thanks a lot Sam. Very clever construction, and a fun solve.

am 22. September 2020, 17:06 Uhr von dm_litv
Very nice!

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