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Glass Skyscraper Sudoku(P1)

(Eingestellt am 21. September 2020, 10:20 Uhr von cdwg2000)

Glass Skyscraper Sudoku

Skyscraper rules:
Place the digits from 1 tot 9 in every row, column and 3x3-block. Every digit represents a skyscraper with the same height. Clues outside the grid indicate the number of visible skyscrapers from that side. Higher skyscrapers block the view of lower ones.

Glass skyscraper rules:
There are 8 glass skyscrapers, of heights 2~9 with no repeat.All known hint numbers given are not glass skyscrapers. Glass skyscrapers do not block the view, so, if you see the glass buildingitself, it will also be counted.

Special emphasis: the height of glass skyscrapers are all different!

The following is a simple example:
A group of skyscrapers is 123947658. The glass skyscrapers in this row are 9, 7, 6. From the left side, the skyscrapers you can see are 1|2|3|9|4|7|6|5|8, the number of skyscraper observations is 9. From the right side, the skyscrapers you can see are 8|9, and the number of skyscraper observations is 2.

The author of the puzzle is my friend 胡蒙汀(Hu Meng Ting) from China. I hope you like it.Your feedback and comments are highly appreciated :) Enjoy !

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Lösungscode: Row 9, followed by Column 9

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am 22. Oktober 2020, 19:47 Uhr von Tigerhu
The glass building is full of scenery at first glance, haha, finally reached the top of a skyscraper,thanks.

am 18. Oktober 2020, 08:44 Uhr von Dotty
Great one !

am 25. September 2020, 07:37 Uhr von cdwg2000
Modify the rule description

am 25. September 2020, 04:47 Uhr von cdwg2000
Edit title

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am 23. September 2020, 06:39 Uhr von Frankenfruity
I have a question. Are all glass skyscrapers relevant? By that I mean that if you replace any glass skyscraper with a normal one the puzzle would be wrong.

The glass skyscraper is transparent, the lower floors can see the taller opaque skyscrapers through the transparent glass skyscrapers, and of course the transparent glass skyscrapers in between can also be seen. At the same time, if a glass skyscraper is obscured by a taller opaque skyscraper, such a glass skyscraper will not be counted.

In particular,It may be irrelevant, but the way to specify all glass buildings must be unique.

@cdwg2000 Thank you. Having to be unique is very important and it helped to correctly decide between 2 options that I otherwise had no other logic to go on.

am 22. September 2020, 19:26 Uhr von Jesper
Really cool puzzle. Very different and challenging due to the glass skyscrapers (and the lack of any restriction regarding the number of glass skyscrapers per box/row/column).

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am 22. September 2020, 18:06 Uhr von SudokuExplorer
@cdwg2000 I haven't solved this yet, but I have enjoyed the concept and the different logic needed to locate the glass skyscrapers. :-)
It so far has been quite a tough and attritional process, but I'll try again later.

Thank you for your feedback, maybe using glass (transparent) skyscrapers as a set of extra areas (except the number 1) is the basis for solving this problem. At the same time, some simple assumptions may need to be used, such as: the number A is a glass (transparent) skyscraper, leading to the same number A in other places and also a glass (transparent) skyscraper, similar to this logic. I am very glad that you are willing to keep trying. If you are willing to wait, I will put a simple version of familiar rules on the weekend.

*** I'm willing to wait for the easier version. I will of course then try this one again, as I did enjoy some of the different logic.

Zuletzt geändert am 22. September 2020, 17:36 Uhr

am 22. September 2020, 17:36 Uhr von cdwg2000
If you feel that this problem is not easy to solve, you can put it aside first, and a simple version of the same type of problem will be launched next week. Your feedback is also welcome.

am 22. September 2020, 15:48 Uhr von marcmees
serious skyscraper construction

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