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Mum's Sandwich

(Eingestellt am 19. September 2020, 09:29 Uhr von PrimeWeasel)

This puzzle goes all the way back to the time when your mother would make your sandwiches with Lots Of Love, and on your way to school you would happily toss them in the garbage bin or feed them to the ducks while Laughing Out Loud.
Normal Sudoku rules apply.
Normal Sandwich rules apply. Digits between 1 and 9 sum to the number given outside the grid.
Digits within a thermometer are in ascending order, with the lowest one in the bulb.

Lösungscode: Column 3, Row 7, 18 digits, no spaces.

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am 20. September 2020, 14:06 Uhr von PixelPlucker
Not a challenging puzzle, but not a bad one either! Good palette cleanser between some of the monstrously hard puzzles people have been submitting lately :)

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am 19. September 2020, 19:38 Uhr von glum_hippo
Welcome to the site! Also, did you really throw away sandwiches that your mom made for you?

Thanks! Well, every now and then. I had to drive home to school for 50 minutes on my bike and wasn't always in the mood for 4 or 5 day's old bread and cheese. (We lived far from the supermarket and did groceries once a week)

am 19. September 2020, 11:17 Uhr von PrimeWeasel
Difficulty changed

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am 19. September 2020, 10:13 Uhr von Narayana
My advice to new members: solve more puzzles!

The more puzzles you solve the more you contribute to the community. The more answers the puzzles get the better the rating works and the more answers your own puzzle will get when it is time to set. If the puzzles you have created all are based on the same idea, just wait a few days before posting the next as to not tire your audience and mitigate the flood.
When solving, try to solve a wide variety of star-rated puzzles first to get a sense of what the ratings really mean and then if say for example you want to post a 3-star puzzle then solve several 3-star puzzles from other people first.

@Narayana Solid advice thanks! I was actually under the impression that I didn't have to rate my own puzzles when putting them online. I figured the rating would start to show up once several people had solved it (which it does), but hadn't realized the rating I gave it when posting it would be an indication of how hard it is for those first few solvers. I just left it at 3 stars. As for the flooding, I am quarantined at the moment and had nothing but time on my hands and had always wanted to make some sudoku's of my own, but I will be toning the flood down and spent some more time on making other people's puzzles.

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