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Everything Increases

(Eingestellt am 7. September 2020, 01:09 Uhr von Big Tiger)

Standard Sudoku Rules apply to the final numerical layout.

In this puzzle, everything increases!

First, Thermometers are standard, increasing from the bulb to the end.

White Dots indicate that the four surrounding cells increase in a clockwise direction. The starting square is not indicated. All possible such cubicles are indicated.

The value of a cell with Black Arrows is N, where N is the number of cells in that arrow's direction that increase, not counting the cell containing N. Think of it as an invisible thermometer whose length is indicated by cell N, and the arrow is pointed at the bulb cell. All possible such arrows are indicated. (The invisible thermometer resulting from N must be 2-9; a 1 would result in a single cell that, by its static nature, couldn't be said to either increase or decrease.)

Finally, Numbers Outside the Grid indicate the largest number of consecutive cells in that row or column that strictly increase (another "invisible thermometer"). A "4" outside the grid, then, indicates that somewhere in the row or column, starting from that end, four cells in a row will increase, after which there will either be a cell that decreases or the row/column ends. And only those rows or columns without a tie for first place are listed: For example, a column with two 3-celled invisible thermometers as its largest will be left blank.


I have come to the conclusion that I will probably never create something truly complex and difficult for the skilled solver - at least not until I've had a lot more practice on the solving end of it. The best I can hope for in my amateur status is something that entertains some and hopefully provides a fun challenge for a few. So here's my next offering.

I have one more after this, and possibly one more Battlefield variation, then I may consider a little vacation while I work on learning more about the crafty ways people conquer the harder sudoku puzzles. The curiosity piqued in me back in April has been pretty well satisfied - anything further will be just tossing half-baked ideas into an already crowded Portal.

Lösungscode: Row 3, Column 3

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am 12. September 2020, 00:30 Uhr von bob
Nice puzzle. And please don't assume a puzzle needs to be super hard to be good. There are PLENTY of hard and/or "un-startable" puzzles to choose from. I like a challenge (or a breeze) once in a while but I find the 3 star puzzles to be the most balanced and actual fun, so thanks for that!

*** My pleasure! - I enjoy making puzzles that are middle-of-the-road for us average solvers; I'm not lamenting that per se. Just that somewhere out there, someday, I'd like to make a nice five-star beauty. I keep starting with ideas I think will achieve that, but then I'm stuck reducing them in difficulty because I myself am not clever enough to test solve my own tough puzzles, ha ha.

So ... someday. Someday.

am 7. September 2020, 16:37 Uhr von pippilotta
That was fun.

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am 7. September 2020, 12:16 Uhr von clover
I couldn't find a link to solve this one online, but I really enjoy fussy, complicated, maximalist puzzles like this one, so I recreated it myself in Penpa. Sharing for anybody else who prefers to solve using an online tool: https://tinyurl.com/yydvf9bw

Nice puzzle - I'm pretty sure I didn't use some of the constraints or clues at all, but that's not necessarily a bad thing as it's always pleasant to have multiple different avenues to approach something!

eta: Beyond getting your head around the various rules, this puzzle isn't at all difficult, so I hope nobody's turned off by how complex it looks!

*** "Didn't use all the clues" - No, and I didn't either when test solving it. But I feel if I just trim it down to only the clues that you need ... then it's like pointing right at them and saying, "The solution is here!" I like people to have to FIND the useful clues, lol.

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am 7. September 2020, 09:44 Uhr von Rosaly
Could you please explain what you mean by: "And only those rows or columns without a tie for first place are listed: For example, a column with two 3-celled invisible thermometers as its largest will be left blank."?

*** Say a row was:


That would give you two groups of three increasing: 156 and 279. As there is no group of 4 increasing, 3 is the highest number - but there are TWO such groups, not just one. So there's a tie for the largest size. And therefore no number included on the side.

153682749 has, as its largest grouping, 3 cells: 368 - and only one. So it would have a "3" listed at the start of that row.

am 7. September 2020, 07:55 Uhr von Big Tiger
All right, we may finally have everything right!

am 7. September 2020, 06:34 Uhr von Big Tiger
Checking for errors!

am 7. September 2020, 03:44 Uhr von Big Tiger
We're getting there. Greg is helpfully informing me of the language barrier I need to keep in mind. :-D

am 7. September 2020, 03:28 Uhr von Big Tiger
Guess I should have napped BEFORE posting the instructions, I keep finding wording I can improve.

am 7. September 2020, 03:19 Uhr von Big Tiger
Guess I outwitted myself - third rewrite of instructions.

am 7. September 2020, 03:18 Uhr von Big Tiger
And again.

am 7. September 2020, 03:16 Uhr von Big Tiger
Clarified something I took for granted.

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