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hello all, i have a easier puzzle to share this time, but one of which i'm very happy with how it came out!

place the notes A to G into every row, column and irregularly shaped area. cages show the type of chord made by the notes inside the cage (eg: a cage with ADF would be a minor chord). chords may repeat in the grid (it's possible for the two major chords to be the same)

here is a list of all the possible chords you can have in this puzzle:
ACE - m //// ACEG - m7
CEG - M /// CEGB - M7
DFA - m //// DFAC - m7
EGB - m /// EGBD - m7
FAC - M //// FACE - M7
GBD - M /// GBDF - D7 (as in dominant 7th, not the note D)
BDF - o (diminished)

penpa link

(with chords key)

penpa link

(without a key, for the music nerds ^^)

Lösungscode: columns 6 and 7

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am 19. August 2020, 12:01 Uhr von CHalb
Good idea and well done!

The crypto label is not appropriate, since the letters stand here for themselves and do not have to be replaced by numbers.

reply: ahh i see, thanks for letting me know! will fix that, glad u enjoyed :)

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