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Find the Killer Sudoku

(Eingestellt am 14. August 2020, 14:43 Uhr von Stavros96)

Find the Killer Sudoku


- Digits in cages must sum to the number in the corner of the cage.

- Numbers cannot repeat in a cage.

- ALL cages without a given total, sum to the same number.

- A white bar between cells indicates consecutive digits.

- ALL instances of consecutive digits are given.

No colours: f-puzzles normal

Coloured Cages: f-puzzles coloured

Lösungscode: Enter column 3 and row 8. (no spaces)

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am 17. August 2020, 15:18 Uhr von Joseph nehme
I really enjoyed this puzzle. Really wet set. Straightforward logic! Well done.

am 16. August 2020, 06:40 Uhr von MCSH
The puzzle was really nice, I had a blast solving it!

am 16. August 2020, 04:40 Uhr von Stavros96
Glad you enjoyed it! Definitely tried to hit that spot of being enjoyable throughout

Zuletzt geändert am 15. August 2020, 20:55 Uhr

am 15. August 2020, 20:55 Uhr von dskaff
One of my favorite sudokus! The logic to determine the value of the unknown killer cages wasn't too hard but was extremely enjoyable.

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