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Burning Thermo 3

(Eingestellt am 31. Juli 2020, 16:29 Uhr von WsMontyG)


Es gelten die normalen Sudoku Regeln. Die Thermometer brennen! Die Temperatur steigt rasch hinauf. Das heißt, dass auf den Thermometern keine aufeinanderfolgenden Zahlen sind (Schritte von der Blase aus mindestens 2 nach oben).


Lösungscode: Spalte 1, Reihe 9

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am 2. August 2020, 07:53 Uhr von Richard
@Geronimo: hundreds? Not even in my wildest dreams! :-) :-)

am 2. August 2020, 06:24 Uhr von aneoid
Liked all 3 burning thermos, thank you.

am 1. August 2020, 20:04 Uhr von argl
Hey, I'm glad you decided to stick around I've enjoyed your thermos lately

am 1. August 2020, 17:14 Uhr von Narayana
My advice to new members (I am new myself) is: solve more puzzles!

The more puzzles you solve the more you contribute to the community. The more answers the puzzles get the better the rating works and the more answers your own puzzle will get when it is time to set. If the puzzles you have created all are based on the same idea, just wait a couple days before posting the next as to not tire your audience and mitigate the flood.
When solving, try to solve a wide variety of star-rated puzzles first to get a sense of what the ratings really mean and then if say for example you want to post a 3-star puzzle then solve several 3-star puzzles from other people first.

Here is a model example of a relatively new member who I consider to be one of the most brilliant sudoku setters ever
His/her stats show exactly how to contribute and keep a good balance on both fronts.

Carry on!

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am 1. August 2020, 15:25 Uhr von geronimo92
And i didnt say that new authors are not welcomed not at all, but some of them just create one or two new puzzles on a theme that has been explored too many times (miracle sudoku, magic squares, sandwiches are only a few examples). Look at Richard's example for now more than 10 years, one puzzle a week that satisfy hundreds of people around the world.... The best proof i think

am 1. August 2020, 10:12 Uhr von WsMontyG
I must say, I was a bit mad yesterday. I understand why you wrote your comment Richard. But geronimos comment really upset me. It really sounds as it was a bad thing that new creators are here. I read the forum posts and understand what you are saying.

And thanks @panthchesh and SKORP17

am 1. August 2020, 06:55 Uhr von Richard
@WsMontyG: You are very welcome here! If you have read the forum post I am linking to, you know that it is not the goal to knock people out. I do agree fully with what SudokuExplorer is writing.
But exactly your response is the reason of my hesitation to write my comment. I only wanted to point you to a forum thread that you were probably unaware of. I think most portal visitors don't look in the forum.

am 1. August 2020, 05:07 Uhr von panthchesh
I really love your puzzles, and I hope you will not leave this system. I'm rather new here, but I find yours a lot of fun!!

Zuletzt geändert am 1. August 2020, 00:30 Uhr

am 1. August 2020, 00:01 Uhr von SudokuExplorer
@WsMontyG I think you have misunderstood the issue. What Richard and geronimo92 are trying to say is to try to refrain from posting daily, but say twice a week (or as Richard does, roughly once a week). This is so that when a new puzzle does appear, it is still visible on the first page of sudokus (or I guess other puzzle pages) for a longer period of time. This will allow more people to look at a new puzzle and therefore more people will try the puzzle. This will benefit both the puzzle setter (since more people are likely to try their puzzle) and the puzzle solver (they feel like they have more time to solve the new puzzle). Also by posting less often, the puzzle setter is likely to have spent more time on creating and designing the puzzle and have thought more about the logic that he/she intended to portray in their puzzle, leading to better quality of puzzles (after all, beauty of puzzles is more important than quantity). I am myself a new puzzle setter and solver in this community and am trying to adapt to it. It is definitely a welcoming one where people can share new ideas and logic, which in turn leads to new progress and adaptations to puzzles. I do hope you do one day return with your sudokus and logic ideas.

am 31. Juli 2020, 23:20 Uhr von WsMontyG
Well, thanks...some people liked my sudokus. I won't post any of them again here. I tried to make some nice puzzles and contribute to this what I thought was a nice community. Well that's it then. New members are not appreciated. Goodbye

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am 31. Juli 2020, 22:59 Uhr von Rollo
991 puzzles and 139 new authors in 7 months.

am 31. Juli 2020, 22:11 Uhr von geronimo92
@Richard : I didnt hesitate to post same sort of comments also two or three times because i have exactly the same feeling for now a few weeks or even months..... really too many new puzzles from really too many new authors who just want their name written on the website. This is the best way to make solvers here for years to disappear. I agree with you Richard, this is open space and free but we all know that is too much really too much and it is impossible to solve some puzzles as we solved before, with more pleasure and time. Bad times 2020....

am 31. Juli 2020, 18:56 Uhr von Richard
I hesitated a lot before posting this comment and I want to apologize twice for doing so:
In the first place my apologies that I am the one writing this, since I am just a simple fellow author. But since no one with more authority does, I will.
Second, I apologize for writing this at one of your puzzles, but since this is your fourth puzzle in three days, I might as well draw your attention to a forum thread that is running for a couple of weeks now.
It is about the current flood of puzzles and you can find it here:
I have written comments like this a couple of times now at puzzles of different authors, and promise this is the last time I will do so, since it doesn't give me a good feeling at all...
Feel free to delete this comment if you want to. As an author you are able to do so.

am 31. Juli 2020, 17:33 Uhr von SKORP17
Ich mag eigentlich die Thermometer-Sudokus nicht, aber diese gefallen mir wesentlich besser.

am 31. Juli 2020, 16:31 Uhr von WsMontyG
I know I promised something harder, but I think this is really fun. It was really fun to set and solve afterwards. I hope you think the same ;)

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