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Rainy Day Sudoku 12 (squared) & 35

(Eingestellt am 30. Juli 2020, 11:20 Uhr von joecat)

Normal sudoku rules apply: every digit 1-9 must appear exactly once in each row, column and box. With one exception, every cage has a product that both is a multiple of 144 and is not a multiple of 35. (So one cage is the 'rogue' cage, whose product either is not a multiple of 144, or is a multiple of 35, or both.) Digits cannot repeat within cages, even within the rogue cage. The grey cell is uncaged.

This is the first puzzle I've posted here. While it's more arithmetical than some sudoku variants, you shouldn't need a calculator. I hope you enjoy it!

Link here: https://f-puzzles.com/?id=y67awqla (Note that, despite the title, it's not a killer sudoku.)

Lösungscode: 4th row

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am 4. Oktober 2021, 23:41 Uhr von polar
I found your puzzle through FTG & SudokuExplorer's recommendations. So many thanks to them for drawing my attention here also :) It's the kind of puzzle I would love to do again, but alas that would necessarily contradict the uniqueness of this puzzle. I also very much appreciate how such a difficult puzzle requires no great tricks or leaps of knowledge. A return to simple principles of basic primes is all that is really needed.

am 4. Oktober 2021, 23:08 Uhr von joecat
You're welcome! Also, super cool to see people still enjoying this puzzle after all this time.

am 4. Oktober 2021, 08:35 Uhr von polar
Mind bendingly brilliant! I can only echo the comments here and am very humbled to have solved such a beast of a puzzle. Thank you so much for setting this.

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am 24. Juli 2021, 21:24 Uhr von Piatato
What a truly epic puzzle this was! I literally spent the whole day solving it, and I don’t regret it one bit. I have no clue how you managed to make this puzzle, Joecat, but thanks a lot for doing so!

am 19. August 2020, 12:54 Uhr von joecat
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am 13. August 2020, 14:33 Uhr von joecat
@SudokuExplorer: Thanks - will do!

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am 13. August 2020, 14:15 Uhr von SudokuExplorer
@joecat I'm not surprised that it took you so long to make this beauty.

I recommend you try ProwlingTiger's Divisibility Squares Sudoku (https://logic-masters.de/Raetselportal/Raetsel/zeigen.php?id=0003VZ). It has very unique logic as well.

am 13. August 2020, 09:26 Uhr von bosjo
Wow! That was a puzzle and a half (well, almost a puzzle and two thirds, actually...)! If you take it on, prepare to spend some serious time on it; more for intricate bookkeeping than difficult maths. Maybe, as the title suggests, save it for a rainy day...

am 9. August 2020, 23:32 Uhr von joecat
@SudokuExplorer: That's so gratifying to hear. You are most welcome. Cheers!

am 9. August 2020, 22:43 Uhr von SudokuExplorer
Wonderful! The concept behind the sudoku is very nice, but the execution of the idea is phenomenal! Excellent use of number theory, combinatorics and geometry! The last time I used logic like this was when solving difficult olympiad maths puzzles. Thanks for this beautiful construction! :-)

am 8. August 2020, 21:34 Uhr von joecat
@SudokuExplorer Good luck!

am 8. August 2020, 11:36 Uhr von SudokuExplorer
@joecat I just wanted to comment that I have loved the starting logic to place the first digit. I haven't solved this yet, but I won't rest in peace until I do so. :-)

am 2. August 2020, 10:31 Uhr von joecat
Appreciate this isn't the easiest - if you're interested in solving it and would like a hint, by all means leave a hidden comment.

am 31. Juli 2020, 12:45 Uhr von zhergan
It's a monster. Nice and tough!

am 31. Juli 2020, 11:27 Uhr von joecat
Cheers emmettcito - you've made my day! Glad you enjoyed it.

am 31. Juli 2020, 01:20 Uhr von emmettcito
WOW! that was quite a puzzle! I think it took me about 4 hours to complete this monstrosity of a puzzle, and this is likely one of the most difficult puzzles i have ever solved. The logic needed to solve this is like nothing i have ever seen before and is very beautiful as well. 10/10 fantastic puzzle! I highly recommend trying to solve this :)

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