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Akari Sudoku

(Eingestellt am 30. Juli 2020, 00:05 Uhr von Prasanna16391)

I realize there is another rule-set by which Akari Sudoku has already been posted here, but I actually set this one before that one first became public, and I had sent it to CTC around the same time too. For whatever reason, it hasn't appeared yet so I thought I'll post it here. The people who test-solved this puzzle generally said they thought this version of the rules represented the Akari side of things nicely.

The break-in is pretty tough on the puzzle below, but things start flowing after it.


Sudoku rules apply, with digits 0-7 and one blank cell in each row, column and box.

Additionally, any instance of 5,6,7 orthogonally adjacent to a shaded cell is a light bulb. Other instances of 5,6,7 may or may not be light bulbs. Light bulbs illuminate all cells in horizontal and vertical lines till another shaded cell or the edge of the grid. Light bulbs cannot illuminate each other.

If there is a number in a shaded cell, it gives the number of light bulbs in the orthogonally adjacent cells around it. All white cells must be illuminated.

Clarifications: No other digits may be light bulbs, and the Akari restriction isn't just for the given digits but any digit that may be placed in a shaded cell during the solve.

Penpa link: Link

F-Puzzles link: Link (This has 0 substituted by 8)

Lösungscode: Enter the digits in Column 4, followed by Column 6, from top to bottom. Enter X for blank cells.

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am 30. Juli 2020, 14:32 Uhr von Prasanna16391
Added some rule clarifications based on questions elsewhere.

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am 30. Juli 2020, 14:21 Uhr von MartinR
I found this quite tricky, possibly because I've worked more with the other ruleset, but was good once got my head around the constraints

am 30. Juli 2020, 00:38 Uhr von Prasanna16391
Edited the tags. Thanks Rollo!

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