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A Small Sandwich

(Eingestellt am 19. Juli 2020, 18:34 Uhr von Ringo)

Normal sudoku rules apply. In addition, a clue next to a row or column indicates the sum of the digits "sandwiched" between the 1 and the 9 in that row or column.

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Lösungscode: Central box in reading order

Zuletzt geändert am 19. Juli 2020, 18:47 Uhr

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am 22. Juli 2020, 19:07 Uhr von ch1983
Very nice puzzle, thank you!

am 20. Juli 2020, 08:30 Uhr von Richard
@geronimo92: there is a forum thread about this issue. Maybe you can add your opinion to that. The discussion can still use some input!

am 20. Juli 2020, 05:23 Uhr von glum_hippo
@geronimo92 surely there is a more productive way to broach this issue than to vent your frustrations on the page of a first time setter?

am 19. Juli 2020, 20:42 Uhr von geronimo92
Well we are now at 10 new puzzles per day, is it really something interesting nowadays? Not sure at all.... only non-sense, moreover same themes repeated....

am 19. Juli 2020, 19:17 Uhr von Greg
3* feels about right.

am 19. Juli 2020, 18:35 Uhr von Ringo
This is my first time uploading a puzzle I've set, so I'm not really sure how difficult it will turn out to be.

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