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Sudoku 1

(Eingestellt am 18. Juli 2020, 09:52 Uhr von d3992939)

This is a normal Sudoku, the numbers 1-9 can only appear once in every row column and box.

Lösungscode: R1C1, R5C5, R9C9

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am 27. Oktober 2020, 05:09 Uhr von mada_madita
link to solve the puzzle

am 19. Juli 2020, 00:39 Uhr von d3992939
@glum_hippo For some reason the page won't delete.

am 18. Juli 2020, 18:58 Uhr von aneoid
Thank you, nice classic Sudoku.

am 18. Juli 2020, 15:54 Uhr von glum_hippo
Could you please also delete the puzzle you posted at 0003WK?

am 18. Juli 2020, 15:39 Uhr von Narayana
April 1st / December 28th in July?

am 18. Juli 2020, 13:55 Uhr von uvo
Actually, there is an upper limit of 50 characters for the solution code, not counting spaces, commas and maybe a few others (those are filtered by the website anyway). AFAIK, there is no lower limit.

For a Sudoku, or more general for puzzles based on Latin Squares, the standard answer key is two rows (or columns). Choosing an answer key that contains lots of givens is poor design.

am 18. Juli 2020, 13:54 Uhr von RockyRoer
If you do update the solution code, be sure to update the description in english and german versions, and type in the new code of course, and it's polite to leave a comment telling people you changed it. Also, you can hide or delete these comments as you feel necessary.

am 18. Juli 2020, 13:50 Uhr von RockyRoer
As far as I know, the solution code can be as short or as long as you want it to be -- but if it's three digits - two of which are givens in your puzzle, then it won't take 'us' long to figure simply try the nine possibilities for the remaining digit. Typically people choose a row or column or two making a 9 or 18 digit code, usually without any commas or spaces in between. I think setters tend to pick one of the last rows or columns that will get solved too, at least I often do. I did like your last puzzle's solution code by the way ;-)

am 18. Juli 2020, 13:08 Uhr von d3992939
@MavericksJD Ok, I didn't know the solution code had to be at least 9 digits, this was the first puzzle I uploaded.

am 18. Juli 2020, 12:44 Uhr von MavericksJD
Next time,Make sure the solution code is atleast 9 digits. You don't have to solve this if solution code is only 3 digits. Guesswork will provide the solution itself

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