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Palindrome Snake Sandwich (Sudoku)

(Eingestellt am 14. Juli 2020, 18:56 Uhr von Tricorn)

Rules in Plaintext:

Palindrome Snake Sandwich Sudoku

  1. Sudoku rules apply.
  2. The three shaded squares are the head, tail, and midpoint of a snake. A snake is a continguous line of orthogonally connected squares that do not loop back and touch itself orthogonally or diagonally at any point.
  3. The non-snake squares form a single contiguous area.
  4. The digits on the snake form a palindrome.
  5. The digit in the midpoint square of the snake does not appear anywhere else on the snake, all other digits appear an equal number of times (no other digit appears more often than any other).
  6. The blue numbers outside of the grid tell you how many snake squares are in that row/column.
  7. The green numbers outside the grid are sandwich clues (the sum of all the digits appearing between the 1 and the 9 on that row/column).

Lösungscode: Geben Sie die Ziffern auf der Schlange ein, beginnend von einem Endpunkt bis einschließlich des Mittelpunkts.

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am 21. Juli 2020, 14:02 Uhr von SirWoezel
Excellent puzzle. Quite hard but very rewarding.

am 21. Juli 2020, 03:34 Uhr von Tricorn
Shaded cell moved from r6c3 to r6c2

am 21. Juli 2020, 03:32 Uhr von Tricorn
Puzzle Correction!

Thank you everyone for your thoughtful help. I’ve corrected the puzzle, the shaded snake square is row 6 was in the wrong position by 1 square. It was supposed to be in col 2, not col 3 as in the original image.

My apologies for the error, and I hope this works better!

am 20. Juli 2020, 17:51 Uhr von Lizzy01
I think it is broken

am 14. Juli 2020, 22:17 Uhr von Tricorn
Additional formatting fixes.

am 14. Juli 2020, 22:11 Uhr von Tricorn
Fixed plaintext rules formatting

am 14. Juli 2020, 22:10 Uhr von Tricorn
Added plaintext rules

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am 14. Juli 2020, 21:44 Uhr von glum_hippo
This puzzle looks cool! Please include the rules in plain text for accessibility and for translation software. Then you can also get rid of the 'knowledge of english language' tag.

am 14. Juli 2020, 20:10 Uhr von Tricorn
You need to figure out which square is the midpoint. (It's not given).

If you would like a hint about where to start - feel free to send me a quick email at garret -at- tricorngames.com

am 14. Juli 2020, 20:02 Uhr von ThrowngNinja
To clarify, do we have to figure out which square is the midpoint or is it a given? I'm having trouble starting this one

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