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Moon-or-Sun - 1x1-Checkerboards

(Eingestellt am 31. Juli 2020, 07:00 Uhr von athin)

Rules of Moon-or-Sun:
  • Draw a line to make a single loop.
  • Lines pass through the centers of cells, horizontally, vertically, or turning. The loop never crosses itself, branches off, or goes through the same cell twice.
  • A region, bordered by bold lines, is called a "room". The loop goes through each room only one time. Once the loop leaves a room, it cannot return to enter this room.
  • In each room, the loop goes through all of the moon cells or all of the sun cells. The loop cannot pass through both moon cells and sun cells in one room.
  • After the loop goes through the moons in one room it has to go through all the suns in the next room it enters and visa versa.

The standard Moon-or-Sun rules apply.

Lösungscode: Row 9 (left-right). Use L for cells with a bend in the loop, I for cells with a straight in the loop, and X for cells without loop.

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am 10. September 2020, 17:46 Uhr von Lucx
Very nice one! Indeed you should add to the description that each room holds at least one sun or one moon.. Thank you, I really liked that one

am 1. August 2020, 14:17 Uhr von Dotty
Thanks, I've resolved your 2x1 dominoes and it make me understand

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am 1. August 2020, 13:25 Uhr von athin
@Dotty: The alternative way to see this puzzle is to put either sun or moon in each empty cells, so all cells are containing a single element. Then, draw a loop visiting all rooms. In one room the loop visits all moons without visiting any suns, then in the next room they alter: the loop visits all suns without visiting any moons, etc.

am 1. August 2020, 10:52 Uhr von Dotty
I think there are more than 1 solution, or there is something I don't understand in rules. How do we have to considere rooms with no sun or moon ? Can I pass on a moon, then in 1 empty room, then on a sun ? Or do we have to imagine alternate sun and moon in empty rooms ?

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