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Star Battle Sandwich

(Eingestellt am 10. Juli 2020, 10:06 Uhr von Kweston)

Hybrid Star Battle and Sandwich sudoku

Standard sudoku rules apply, in addition:

4's and 6's act as stars from Starbattles, that is that each 4 and 6 cannot touch either a 4 or 6, even diagonally.

For each pair of edge clues, one clue denotes how many cells away the nearest star in that row/column is from the cell containing the clue

The other clue denotes the sum of the digits sandwiched between the two stars in that row/column

Lösungscode: 7th row followed by final column, no spaces

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Zuletzt geändert am 10. Juli 2020, 23:14 Uhr

am 10. Juli 2020, 23:11 Uhr von henrypijames
Another thing: The constraint that 4 and 6 cannot touch isn't needed (in fact I totally forget about it) to place all 4s and 6s in this puzzle.

am 10. Juli 2020, 21:28 Uhr von Kweston
Thank you everyone for the feedback and the lessons, puzzle is fixed in a very simple way. It now has a unique solution

Zuletzt geändert am 10. Juli 2020, 21:12 Uhr

am 10. Juli 2020, 20:36 Uhr von henrypijames
@Kweston: You can only use uniqueness techniques if you know the puzzle has an unique solution - which in this case is not true. So your method - proving it's unique by assuming it's unique - is a false tautology (akin to a self-fulfillng prophecy).

In other words, uniqueness techniques are only for solvers - setters are forbidden to use them. :)

am 10. Juli 2020, 16:47 Uhr von Greg
same, 3 solutions.

am 10. Juli 2020, 14:24 Uhr von henrypijames
I think I've found three different valid solutions.

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