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(Eingestellt am 12. August 2020, 09:52 Uhr von shye)

normal sudoku rules apply

little killers show the sum of the digits on the diagonal, which may include repeats
maximum clues must contain a digit higher than all its orthogonally adjacent cells

this one i'm really proud of, big thanks to Eric Fox for helping me out a bit when setting it ^^

and also, you can solve it using f-puzzles here

Lösungscode: column 3 and column 7

Zuletzt geändert am 12. August 2020, 10:36 Uhr

Gelöst von Eric Fox, Volatility, Philipp Huber, Jesper, Willy Wonka, NikolaZ, CptAhab, emmettcito, zhergan, wenchang, MagnusJosefsson, Ninja94, Imperial Marcher, Alexander Rappa, dagwosh, pandiani42, bosjo, mse326, Expagel, stefliew, bakpao, sloffie, polar, geronimo92, Madmahogany, Phistomefel, cdwg2000, Ours brun, PixelPlucker, rimodech, Zzzyxas, harrison, DarkChord, Uhu, tinounou, cfop, Vebby
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am 22. Juli 2021, 03:01 Uhr von Vebby
Brilliant puzzle! :)

am 24. September 2020, 06:59 Uhr von shye
thank u phistomefel <3

am 15. September 2020, 09:13 Uhr von Phistomefel
That is a very intricately and well constructed puzzle and a really fun solve! Thank you, shye!

am 18. August 2020, 12:12 Uhr von bosjo
Nice puzzle, with fairly straight forward logic. Well done!

am 15. August 2020, 23:58 Uhr von shye
thank you everyone! :D

am 15. August 2020, 05:00 Uhr von Alexander Rappa
Really enjoyed this one!

am 13. August 2020, 02:44 Uhr von zhergan
Great puzzle!

am 12. August 2020, 14:50 Uhr von Willy Wonka
Amazing puzzle!! Every clue is so carefully chosen and it makes for a very tight and wonderful solve!

am 12. August 2020, 13:22 Uhr von Jesper
Well done, setting this. In my (subjective) opinion, rather 4 stars difficulty level, but regardless a very nice construction!

am 12. August 2020, 11:38 Uhr von Volatility
Brilliant construction, loved the puzzle!

am 12. August 2020, 10:01 Uhr von Eric Fox
Very nice puzzle, Shye :)

am 12. August 2020, 09:58 Uhr von shye
added f-puzzles link

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