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Kyudoku Series #1 - Classic 6x6

(Eingestellt am 27. Juni 2020, 07:22 Uhr von Rotstein)

I searched for this type of puzzle on this site and couldn't find it, so I decided to create one so you get to know it. Maybe there's another name that I'm unaware of, if there is let me know so I can put the proper tags.
Here are the rules:
-Every row and column must sum to 9 or less
-Each digit from 1 to 9 must appear exactly once in the finish solution
-The circled number must appear in the finish solution
You have to remove the digits in a way that the rules are fulfilled
You can try this puzzle in your browser by clicking in the link below
Enjoy the puzzle!

Lösungscode: The numbers in the finish solution read from left to right and top to bottom (from row 1 to row 6)

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am 9. Juli 2020, 05:23 Uhr von Rotstein
Just correcting a word misspelled, no change to the puzzle

am 29. Juni 2020, 14:32 Uhr von Rotstein
@zhergan @CHalb I'm very glad for the amazing feedback :)

am 29. Juni 2020, 14:09 Uhr von CHalb
Thanks four introducing this here. I always love to see new puzzle types with such simple rules.

am 27. Juni 2020, 22:47 Uhr von zhergan
I was not aware of this one. Thanks. Very nice :)

am 27. Juni 2020, 15:20 Uhr von Rotstein
@Madmahogany I'm glad you liked it, I'll try to make harder ones in the future

am 27. Juni 2020, 13:57 Uhr von Madmahogany
Wow I liked this a lot!

Zuletzt geändert am 27. Juni 2020, 09:52 Uhr

am 27. Juni 2020, 09:42 Uhr von Rotstein
@DocLogic I appreciate it, I really like kyudoku but it's hard to find them, specially some hard ones, so I hope some setters here get inspired to create more of this kind of puzzle

am 27. Juni 2020, 09:22 Uhr von DocLogic
Thanks, I didn't know this kind of puzzle before

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