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Classic Akari X2

(Eingestellt am 26. Juni 2020, 16:43 Uhr von Greg)

I have included two puzzles as Akari are relatively quick to solve. The puzzles have no influence on one another.

Akari Rules: Place light bulbs in the grid in order to light up the white cells. Light bulbs illuminate their own cell, as well as any cells they can see horizontally or vertically. Light cannot pass through black cells or the puzzle perimeter. No bulb is allowed to illuminate another bulb and any black cell with a number indicates how many bulbs are orthogonally adjacent to the cell. The puzzle is complete when all white cells have been illuminated.

The puzzles can be played online with the following links. Puzzle 1 Puzzle 2

Lösungscode: The number of light bulbs seen in:

Puzzle 1 - Rows 3,6,12 and Columns 3,6,12

Puzzle 2 - Rows 2,4,6 and Columns 2,5,12

Such that you should have a 12-digit number with no spaces. Arrows have been placed on the puzzles to make this easier.

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am 14. November 2020, 01:38 Uhr von cdwg2000

Quick reply, like it!

am 14. November 2020, 01:29 Uhr von Greg
Aha, I made these before I knew about those websites. I never thought to go back to update them. Thanks for the reminder!

am 14. November 2020, 01:27 Uhr von Greg
Updated puzzle links

am 14. November 2020, 01:03 Uhr von cdwg2000

Next time, if you give Pzv or Puzz directly, it will be greatly appreciated!

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