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Anti-killer Sudoku

(Eingestellt am 26. Juni 2020, 14:55 Uhr von JoJoMcFroYo)

Normal sudoku rules apply. In the cages, the digits must sum to the number in the left-hand corner. However, unlike killer sudoku, at least one digit MUST repeat in the cage. Multiple digits may be repeated in a cage (subject to normal sudoku restrictions on boxes, columns, and rows), but no individual digit can appear more than 2 times in a cage.

Lösungscode: Row 2 (from left to right) followed by Row 9 (from left to right) with no spaces in between (ie 123456789123456789).

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am 27. Juni 2020, 09:23 Uhr von Mody
hübsche Variante

am 26. Juni 2020, 21:29 Uhr von zhergan
Very nice idea! Thanks:)

am 26. Juni 2020, 17:14 Uhr von marcmees
very nice

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