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Aqua Sudoku 9x9

(Eingestellt am 18. Juni 2020, 21:04 Uhr von epsalon)

Standard irregular sudoku rules apply, using the digits 0-8. Additionally, shade each cell in the grid according to standard aquarium rules. If there is a small number outside a row or a column, that number indicates the sum of the digits in that row or column that are underwater. Furthermore, the digits in column 1 indicate how many cells in the corresponding row are underwater, and the digits in row 1 indicate how many cells in the corresponding column are underwater.

Solve using penpa-edit

Irregular Sudoku: Each row, column, or region must contain the digits 0-8 exactly once.

Aquarium: Every region has a “water level”, where all cells below that level must be shaded (underwater) and all cells above that level must be unshaded (over water).

Lösungscode: Digits in the middle 3 rows concatenated (27 digits total).

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am 19. Juni 2020, 08:51 Uhr von epsalon
Thank you for solving. I do realize that the aquarium part is rather easy. In fact I believe it could be theoretically solved without any of the outside clues. I wanted to avoid row and box clues as much as possible since they make the aquarium part even easier. Sadly I agree that the sums make the irregular killer-like sudoku part rather difficult.

Did you end up having to guess in order to solve the sudoku part or were you able to use logic all the way through?

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