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Ambiguous Puzzles - Hex Masyu 1

(Eingestellt am 17. Juni 2020, 12:16 Uhr von stefliew)

Draw a single,non-intersecting path connecting the centers of adjacent cells and passing through all cells with circles. The path may pass straight through a cell or make a 120° angle, however 60° angles are not allowed (no sharp turns).

The loop must go straight through the cells with white circles, with a turn in at least one of the cells immediately before/after each white circle.

The loop must make a turn in all the black circles and must go straight in both cells immediately before/after each black circle. Black cells are cells that the loop cannot pass through in both grids.

Evil Twin rules: Dotted circles in both grids represent where either a white or black circle must go. If a white circle is on one grid, a black circle must be in the same position on the other grid and vice versa.

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Enter the number of turns in the paths for rows A B C D, separated by a space. Enter a 0 if the row has no turns.

4 2 2 0

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am 7. August 2020, 03:11 Uhr von Bobuardo da Vinci
Beautiful puzzle! My first Masyu of any kind, definitely increased the difficulty.

am 19. Juli 2020, 09:27 Uhr von ibag

Zuletzt geändert am 30. Juni 2020, 17:55 Uhr

am 30. Juni 2020, 17:53 Uhr von Ryx
Hmm, thought I solved it, but my solution code says otherwise. Good thing, because the solution code I came up with was a PIN I use ... thought I should go buy a lottery ticket today ;-)

am 23. Juni 2020, 14:01 Uhr von CHalb
I like the concept of this variant - and the puzzle itself :-) - very much! I tried to create something similar with Kropki some years ago, but without success.

am 17. Juni 2020, 17:13 Uhr von stefliew
Removed poorly-translated German and clarified rules

Zuletzt geändert am 17. Juni 2020, 17:14 Uhr

am 17. Juni 2020, 15:06 Uhr von Dandelo
Maybe you should replace "Der böse Zwilling regiert" by "Böser-Zwilling-Regeln" or even "Evil-Twin-Regeln". The English words sound better to me and "regiert" is a translation error. It chose the wrong meaning of 'rules'.

stefliew: Thanks! In the end, I've decided to remove the poorly-translated German. If people find it hard to understand the English, I'll add back the German.

Zuletzt geändert am 17. Juni 2020, 17:24 Uhr

am 17. Juni 2020, 14:58 Uhr von Dandelo
But the puzzle is very nice.

The translation is ok, not perfect, but you understand everything. You find German and English rules for almost any puzzle in the wiki here (if not, feel free to add it). In this case you have to be careful, since there 60°- and 120°-turns are allowed in empty fields.

But you may also leave the German version empty. Then it is replaced by the English one. Everybody here would understand it.

stefliew: Thanks! I've clarified the rules to specify 60°-turns (120°-angles) and no sharp turns. I've also left the German version empty.

am 17. Juni 2020, 14:50 Uhr von Dandelo
Same discussion as always: two segments include a 120°-angle, but the loop makes a 60°-turn. Or would you call a U-turn '0°-turn'?

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